Design your water diplomacy ph.d. trajectory

Students of Tufts University's Water Diplomacy | IGERT program have the opportunity to design their own doctoral trajectory in a department's Ph.D. program of their choice, explore water-related research questions before focusing on a dissertation topic, and perform collaborative research with world-renowned faculty experts and water professional partners.


Water Diplomacy students are taught by faculty experts in the fields of water science and engineering, conflict resolutions, public policy, and water management. Students must complete the requirements of a doctoral program with additional emphasis on interdisciplinary water diplomacy related education and research opportunities.


Science, Policy, and Politics of Water Negotiation

This course focuses on water conflicts arising from the competition between natural and societal domains within a political context. The course incorporates ideas from complexity theory, systems analysis, and cooperative approaches providing the framework to understand and manage water issues as a network of interactions and relationships with mutual gains approach.


Water, Science, and Systems

This course provides an overview of natural domain processes and systems, including fundamentals of hydrologic and ecological processes at various scales, water cycle, watershed modeling, and water systems optimization.


Public Policy, Science, and Ecological Economics

This course provides an overview of societal domain variables and processes including policy-making processes, policy and program implementation, and economic analysis applied to water policies, programs, and conflicts.


Research Opportunities and Fieldwork

During the second year, students refine and develop their research interests and are supported for up to one semester conducting research anywhere in the world with our global network of water partners. These research opportunities are customized to optimize students' interests and doctoral dissertation plans. Recent research opportunities have included water issues from Switzerland, Laos, Peru, and New Zealand.