Water Diplomacy is built on four activities that address complex water problems at multiple scales through ongoing research, educating future leaders and scholars, and training senior water  management professionals from around the world to build trust in the knowledge we create and solutions we seek for chronic and emerging water problems.

1. The NSF supported Water Diplomacy Network links experts in the natural, social and political sciences, engineering, and advanced computing who work toward addressing some of the most pressing water challenges of our time.

2. The NSF supported Water Diplomacy PhD program at Tufts University educates the next generation of interdisciplinary water professionals to think across boundaries, integrate explicit and tacit knowledge and take action to resolve water issues.

3. The Water Diplomacy Workshop is an annual “train-the-trainer” event that builds the capacity of reflective water professionals. This interactive short-course helps participants master important water network management tools and gain the skills needed to teach these tools to others.

4. The Water Diplomacy Case Study Database called AquaPedia is being compiled to provide water professionals with a broad, open source, open learning, public knowledge base of water issues and conflicts.