Can we make the best of a globalized world where it is more common to own a mobile phone than to have access to a secure source of water? Can existing infrastructure be used grow inclusive worldwide networks for recording, reporting, and responding to environmental data? What roles do citizen science, hydroinformatics, the maker culture, and STEM education play in realizing a democratic resource management future?


PhD Candidate, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Tufts University

Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University (2013) — Water Resources and Climate Risks, Cum Laude, Tau Beta Pi

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, min. Physics, Oberlin College (2013) — Effects of Real-time Feedback on Consumptive Behavior


NSF IGERT Fellowship in Water Diplomacy, Tufts University


Computer Programming: Python, R, Javascript, C, C++, Java, VBA, & PHP

Physical Computing, Digital Electronics, and Instrumentation Design

Environmental Field Methods

Operations Research, Linear Programming and Machine Learning

research needs

  • GIS
  • Machine Learning
  • Decision Science