Water diplomacy: crosses boundaries

Water Diplomacy crosses disciplinary boundaries to integrate science, policy, and politics in innovative and contextually relevant ways to effectively manage 21st-century water problems with stakeholders who have changing and competing viewpoints and values. Water management problems span hydrological, geographic, jurisdictional, and political boundaries.

Connecting experts, creating more scientific knowledge, developing models, and sharing data are not enough. We educate students to see water networks to diagnose water problems, evaluate intervention points, and implement sustainable solutions.

Water Diplomacy is an integrative approach to address complex water problems for the future of cities, agriculture, energy security, the environment, and public health.

At Tufts University, we educate the next generation of water diplomats to envision a different future for water, transforming their understanding of water as a fixed resource into a flexible and sustainably shared resource to create new avenues for negotiating and resolving water conflicts.