PhD Candidate, International Relations, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

My research examines innovation, technology transfer and adoption for climate change adaptation in the agricultural sector. I am specifically focused on Central America and East Africa, with case studies in Honduras and Ethiopia. I am looking at the barriers and incentives for innovation, technology transfer and adoption from the perspective of different stakeholders, including farmers, governments, donors, NGOs, and academics. The U.S. government's Feed the Future Initiative is a particular focus of my research.


PhD Candidate, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

I research the role of socio-cultural institutions in fisheries management. My project covers a number of communities, both indigenous and non-indigenous, in the countries of New Zealand, Norway, and the U.S.

graham jeffries

PhD Candidate, Agriculture Food and Environment Program, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

I am an agricultural data scientist developing new methods in geoinformatics to leverage big data for improving the triple bottom line of agriculture. My interdisciplinary dissertation research enhances the accuracy and timeliness of management recommendations derived from remotely sensed data and crop modeling in precision agriculture systems.

travis yates

PhD Candidate, Environmental Health, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

I am currently studying methods of research in emergencies; humanitarian aid and development; Water Sanitation and Hygiene Programming (WASH); impact of WASH programming on persons living with HIV/AIDS; evaluation of chlorine dispensers in emergencies; and the health impact of displaced populations.

jory hecht

PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

The overarching emphasis of my research is how to use observed streamflow data to inform water resources management decisions. The flood management branch of my research includes a project on modeling changes in extreme floods and developing a screening model to help communities identify optimal floodplain management decisions under the uncertainty of climate change. The other branch of my research focuses on reducing conflicts between reservoir management objectives and downstream ecosystems, for which I am developing frameworks to statistically test various hypotheses about the significance of hydrologic alteration for ecosystems.

charles van rees

PhD Candidate, Biology Department

My research is focused on movement ecology and population viability of the Hawaiian Gallinule, an endangered hawaiian waterbird; feasibility of constructed wetlands as a water management and endangered species conservation tool for O`ahu, Hawaii; and improving the integration of ecological sciences in water management.

Greg sixt

PhD Candidate, Agriculture Food and Environment Program, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

I am developing a research project that will evaluate how specific projects focused on scaling up field-level research on conservation agriculture in the dry areas have impacted farmer adoption of these practices. The project will assess how adoption of these practices has impacted certain farmer communities, and surveys will be used to identify enabling conditions for adoption.

kevin smith

PhD Candidate, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Can we make the best of a globalized world where it is more common to own a mobile phone than to have access to a secure source of water? Can existing infrastructure be used grow inclusive worldwide networks for recording, reporting, and responding to environmental data? What roles do citizen science, hydroinformatics, the maker culture, and STEM education play in realizing a democratic resource management future?


PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

My research focuses on socio-hydrologic modeling to understand the impact of water resources management policies and infrastructure on structuring the feedbacks between social and hydrologic systems. I am interested in understanding the conditions that facilitate and impede adaptive management.


PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

My research is in overcoming perceptual barriers to coastal flood resilience, with interests spanning across alternative dispute resolution, urban ecology, decision making under uncertainty, resilience and regime shifts, coupled socio-ecological systems, human values and worldviews, vulnerability, and coastal flooding.


PhD Candidate, Environmental Health

Currently, I work on designing ceramic water filters for household water treatment in the developing world, specifically working on modeling flow through ceramic filters and understanding the influence of manufacturing variability on water composition.

Previously, I worked in geochemistry (tracking of pollutants in environmental systems, predominantly metals) and for a bit in historical climate reconstruction.



PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

My research focuses on transboundary water governance and transboundary relations. I am particularly studying the riparian relations and water governance regimes in major basins of the Greater Himalayan region. Coming from a natural resource management background, I have focused on common resource pool management systems and stakeholder analyses for governing common pool resources.



PhD Candidate, Biology Department

I am interested in avian ecology, anthropogenic effects on wildlife, wetlands, and island- and agro- ecosystems.   I am also particularly interested in water resources, its management and future water availability for wildlife.  Combining these interests, I am developing tools that quantify or predict species and habitat risk and vulnerability.  In addition, I'm exploring social-ecological factors that contribute to wetland loss and protection.